Normal Buttons

Here you can use any color you like. During the production process we will use CMYK colors.

normal buttons

Matte Buttons (scratch-resistant)

In this case the motive on your buttons is covered with a matt foil for protection.

matte buttons

Metallic Finish

In contrast to the normal buttons it should be noted that all white areas of your design will be silver and all other colors will get a metallic luster, depending on color application.

metallic buttons

Fabric Buttons

Your image is printed on a fabric which is similar in structure to a denim fabric. Therefore, make sure that the fonts in your design are not too fine/thin, because they might be hard to identify.

fabric buttons

Fluorescent Buttons

Your image is printed on a fluorescent base and coated with a protective film. Depending on the charging time, a persistence period of 30-45 minutes will be achieved.
Generally, we recommend the use of black and white images.

However, also with a colored design you can reach beautiful effects.
But please note:

  • the less paint and the lighter the color, the less material is covered and the more the design is illuminated.
  • Therefore an orange and white design will never achieve the same effect in the dark as a black and white design.

Fluorescent Buttons

Reflective Safety Finish

All white areas will appear in silver-gray. These Areas will reflect the light. We recommend using black and white images or images with high color contrast.
A white print is not possible.

safety buttons

Neon Buttons

Here only black and white images may be printed, because the color distortion is too high for other colors. We would like to point out that all the white areas in your design will appear in your chosen neon color.

neon buttons

Glitter Buttons

This visual appearance turns your buttons to a sparkling trinket.
The use of black-white motives or color combinations with an intense contrast (no fine lines) is recommended.

Glitter Buttons

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