About Buttonorder

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Our company has been specialized for many years in the production of high quality premium and advertising badges. We deliver in over 50 countries.
Our customers include private customers as well as well-known majour customers from different European countries and countless advertising partners from industry, commerce ad te media industry.

We produce from a resource-saving and ecological point of view and refrain entirely from importing from China, India or Pakistan.
We are resolutely countering the trend of temporary work models by creating permanent jobs and orienting ourselves towards the needs of our employees.

Our in-house production guarantees high qualtity standards in all stages of production up to the specialized packaging according to customers requirements for an all in all successful final product.

The People behind Buttonorder

The significant success in our quality and service we have to thank our specialized staff. Who we are and what we are there for you will find out on our employees gallery. employee overview.


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