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We design name tags exactly according to your wishes. It does not matter whether it is 10 pieces or 1000 pieces. Our complete range with all sizes, shapes and fastener options is at your disposal. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore on this page your will find tips on everything you need for an online order.

Kindly take a moment and note the few instructions.

Name Tags

Shortly before printing you will receive a preview of the entire name tags via email, allowing you to communicate any changes if needed. Through direct communication with our graphic designers, your modifications can be implemented effectively. You will alsohave the opportunity to review these changes beforehand. Only after your approval will we start with production.


How to order your name tags:


1. Your Design

Upload Design

We require your finished (background) design without a name. However please allocate space for the name. Any background design is possible. . We print what you provide. For assistance you can find the exact file specifications in our downlad section.. Please start here:

Order Name Tags

2. Your Name

Name Tag

As the second product you need to select a Excel File containing all the names to be printed. In your shopping cart please specify the quantity based on the total number of names. You also have the option to upload a preview wih a smple set name

Order additional personalised products

3. Complete Order

Preview as PDF

After adding the 2 required products to your shopping cart, you can proceed with your order as usual. Towards the end of the order process you can enter any specific requests in our comments section. This may include the font style, colour prefences. or any other important information for us. If you haven´t already done so during the order process, feel free to send us an email at with a preview you have created as an example after completing the order.

These are the current delivery times.

Name Tags: The All Inclusive Package

Do you need a badge for a conference, trade show, or weeding with the names of the guests?

We can make it happen for you. We only require an Excel list with the names and a background design onto which the name should be placed. It is also advantageous if you provide us with a preview of the design with the name set, ensuring that the name is exactly where you want it to be.

Layout of the Excel Table

Please structure your Excel list so that each row represents the complete name for one badge. Each column corresponds to a line on the badge. Please define the type of data below in row 1 (Name, Surname, etc.).

Long names or designations will be adjusted in size by us to ensure a perfect appearance. If you have already created a separate preview image with a name, you can upload it. This way. our graphic designers can see at a glance how you want the badges to look.

1 Title First name Last name
2 Dr. John Smith
3 Mrs. Sarah Rogers
4 Mr. Michael Jones
5 ... ... ...
6 ... ... ...

In this example "Dr. John Smith" consitutes the complete imprint for one Badge, with "Dr.", "John" and "Smith" each occupying a separate line on the final badge.

Name Tags

Final Tip: If you want additional badges with the same design but without a name, specify the total quantity of badges (with and without names) when selecting the badge. However, for the "personalisation", please specify the exact quantity of names. Names can be added o the buttons later using a marker.

Including Preview

With this servie you are in direct contact with one of our graphic designers. Before printing your badges, you will receive a complete preview via email for you to review. Once we receive your approval, the badges go into printing and production.

The price includes one correction of your name list. Each additional correction will be charged at 5,00 € incl. VAT. Therefore, carefully review your created list, as well as the correction proff we send you.

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