40x40mm Buttons

Order your button...

...as a pin

pin button Pin it on clothes, bags and other materials. The classic!

...with butterfly back

butterfly back button This one is very similar to the pin button, but it causes only one hole instead of two. The butterfly latch automatically engages in the notch provided. It is well suited for thicker clothes or to fix on cards and other products.

...with crocodile clip

clip button This is the ideal attachment for example for personalized name buttons. The crocodile clip can be rotated and thus fits perfectly in every position.

...as a velcro button

velcro and stick on buttons As an alternative to a pin or butterfly back you can use the velcro button. With this version you receive a suitable counterpart to stick on any smooth surface. This offers even more possibilities for the application of your buttons.

...with suction pad

button with suction pad The suction pad buttons are an ideal solution for a selective customer perception in retail or for mounting on mirrors or in tiled areas. It is also suitable for labeling with a removable pen. The suction cup sticks to any smooth surface and is removeable without residue.

...with power magnet, flat magnet, counter magnet or double magnet


This button is equipped with a flat magnet or a power magnet with high traction force. They hold up every sheet and every photo on pin boards and refrigerators. This is advertising material that will not be thrown away!

With an additional single counter-magnet your power magnet button can be attached to your clothes without leaving a hole.

The double magnet consists of 2 magnets that are embedded in plastic. This makes it more robust and easier to handle. And you will receive professional name buttons, which also are wonderful for formal dress because the fabric won't be damaged.


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